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Rules and Regulations
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Updated June 2014

Welcome to Floral Park. Our rules and regulations are written for your general welfare, safety, comfort and the comfort of your neighbors. The Management will do everything it can to insure your comfort and safety. To help us do this we request your compliance and cooperation with our Rules and Regulations.

Section A
Obligations for Occupancy

  1. Applications, lot leases, and all preliminary documents must be completed and approved prior to the occupancy of a mobile home. There will be a $50.00 charge for application processing and $50.00 charge for background check. The Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone whose mobile home is not considered acceptable in appearance, condition, or age.

  2. Any one desiring to move into the mobile home park must fill out an application and provide a back ground check, and must be approved by the manager. The Management reserves the right to approve or disapprove all applicants based on character or credit references or back ground check. In addition, upon approval of an application and prior to installation of a Tenant’s mobile home, the Tenant must obtain a permit from the town of Van Buren.

  3. Rent is due on the first (1st) day of each month and can be paid in advance. Make checks payable to: True Enterprise, Ltd.
    Checks may be dropped off at the business office or mailed to:

    True Enterprise, Ltd.
    7187 State Fair Boulevard
    Syracuse, NY 13209

    A late fee of $1.00 per day is assessed on rent not paid on or before the 1st day of the month. This late fee is waived on payments made on or before the 10th day of the month and is limited to 5% of the delinquent rent payment [as per New York State Real Property Law (NYS RPL), section 233(r)]. An extra charge of $35.00 will be assessed for any check that is returned due to insufficient funds.

  4. Management must be notified in writing 30 days in advance of a Tenant’s intent to move out. The notification must include a forwarding address. All outstanding accounts must be paid in full at the time of notification and also when the Tenant moves out. Tenant’s who have signed leases must adhere to the terms of the lease, which may not permit moving before the expiration of the lease term.

    Removal of a mobile home will be done only between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM on a weekday and not on Saturdays, Sundays, or legal holidays. No adjustments or refunds will be made for a partial month. The town of Van Buren imposes a permit fee whenever a mobile home is moved. The Tenant must pay this fee to the town of Van Buren prior to removal of the home.

  5. No hauler will be allowed to remove a mobile home from a lot until he has checked at the office to see that all bills are satisfied and the lot is clean and orderly.

  6. Mobile homes may not be rented, loaned, or used by anyone for any purpose other than as granted in the lease. Cannot be used to operate a business from unless approved in writing by the Management.

  7. Assignment or subletting is not permitted, except as set forth in NYS RPL, section 233 (t).

  8. Management must be notified in writing 30 days in advance of a Tenant’s intent to sell his or her mobile home. Sale of a mobile home by a Tenant is subject to the prospective buyer applying for and being approved to become a Tenant (per item 1, above) if the mobile home is to remain in the Park. The selling Tenant shall be informed in writing by the Management of reasons for any rejection of a prospective buyer.

  9. Residents are NOT permitted to sell their mobile home with the promise of occupancy unless the buyer is approved by the Management and agrees to all Rules and Regulations.

Section B
Mobile Home Sites

  1. Steps are to be of manufactured construction. Front steps must have a platform and a rail.

  2. Approved manufactured aluminum or vinyl skirting must be installed within 30 days of moving in, with the exception that move-ins in the months of December, January, February, and March must have the skirting installed by the end of the following April. The Town of Van Buren inspects siting of the mobile home and installation of the skirting. All awnings, carports and storage sheds must be factory made. All patio rooms must match the mobile home completely.

  3. Any construction work on lots or mobile homes will require a building permit from the Town of Van Buren and prior approval from the Management. This includes, but is not limited to, installation of patio rooms, awnings, carports and storage sheds.

  4. No storage facilities of any kind, such as cabinets, sheds or lockers or storage on of any kind, are to be place on the patio. Sheds must be placed behind the home, if possible. Only one shed is permitted per lot.

  5. Landscaping and improvements of each lot will be the Tenant’s choice. Do NOT dig or drive stakes or posts without permission of the Management so that we may determine if there are underground utilities that may be jeopardized. Any damage caused by failure to do this will be charged to the resident. All landscaping and improvements to the lot shall become a permanent part of the Park.

  6. All buildings, mobile homes, and stands must be kept painted and in good condition. Management reserves the right to require the resident to paint his or her home.

  7. Mobile home lots must be kept clean of toys etc. and stored in sheds. And the lawn must be mowed and trimmed. In the event of carelessness or neglect, the Management reserves the right, without prior notifica-tion, to have the work done and the Tenant will be charged for actual cost plus a $50.00 service fee.

  8. The mobile home owner shall keep his or her home in good condition and repair, and shall use all reasonable precautions to prevent waste and to prevent the premises from being injured or destroyed by fire or otherwise. Management strongly recommends that every Tenant have at least one fire extinguisher in his or her home. Further, the Tenant shall not deposit dirt or other objectionable matter in the home lot or anywhere in the Park. The home owner will carry Fire Insurance and liability on his home, and provide the park with a copy of the insurance yearly.

  9. Tenants shall not erect or display upon or within the mobile home or in their lot any sign, except a “For Sale” sign not larger than 2’ x 3’, without first obtaining Management consent.

  10. No trampoline is allowed in the park, No swimming pools are allowed in the park.

  11. Adequate trashcans must be provided to hold all trash and garbage. Placed at the rear of homes or in sheds. Newspapers to be thrown out must be tied in bundles or put in bags.

  12. Trashcans or trash of any kind should not be set out in front of your home until the night before the pickup day. Trashcans must be taken in on pickup day. (Currently, trash is picked up on Thursday mornings. This is subject to change by the trash hauler or upon changing trash contractor).

  13. No rubbish, brush, or leaves are to be piled or placed anywhere on True Enterprises Property. No outside fires are permitted in the park.

  14. All firewood must be stored out of sight.

  15. Residents are responsible for keeping their sewer lines clear between their home and ground connections. Do NOT flush paper towels, disposable diapers or liners, sanitary napkins, etc. Any repairs due to such articles will be charged to the resident. Coffee grounds, grease, and food particle should NOT be flushed down kitchen or bath drains.

  16. Each resident is responsible for upkeep of his or her driveway, walkway, patio, and sump pump.

  17. There shall be no car maintenance anywhere in the Park.

  18. Plug in electric tapes on all water lines prior to freezing weather.

    If damage is done because of neglect of tenant he will be held responsible.

  19. No occupant shall tamper with meter boxes or other electrical equipment. Any utility repairs from the parks’ outlets to and including the resident’s home are the responsibility of the resident. All sewer, water, electrical, and television connections must meet state and local standards and be performed by qualified, authorized personnel.

  20. The Management reserves the right to shut off water to a site if the resident allows it to drip or run unnecessarily. Service will be restored when Management is satisfied that proper repairs have been made. Dripping faucets and leaking toilets can cause freeze up in your sewer and drain lines. Please use water wisely.

  21. All mobile homes must be connected to natural gas. Only use of bottle gas is for outside cooking Grills.

  22. All utility connections and disconnection’s are to be arranged by the Tenant with the appropriate utility company, such as National Grid (electric), Verizon (telephone), Time-Warner (Cable T.V.), etc.

  23. Tenants must inform Management within 30 days of arrival of any occupants or visitors staying more than 15 days.

  24. Your mailing address is (Lot #) Street Name/ Syracuse, New York 13209.

    For example - 123 Lilac Lane / Syracuse, NY 13209

    Mail is delivered to the Park Mail Room. Tenants are issued a mailbox key upon moving in. Mailbox keys are to be returned upon moving out.

Section C

  1. No clothes lines are to be hung on individual lots or homes.

Section D

  1. No animals are allowed except house pets, such as dogs, cat’s tropical fish and birds that are approved and registered at the Park office. Noisy, unleashed and unruly animals will not be allowed to remain. All cats and dogs are to be leashed or an owner will be asked to remove his house pet if complaints are received.

  2. No animals are allowed in any of the community buildings.

  3. Unleashed animals will be reported to the animal control department.

  4. All cats must be spayed or neutered and a copy of the certificate on file in the office with a picture.

  5. All dogs are to be licensed! A copy given to the manger with copy of current shot records, and kept up to date.

Section E


  2. In the Old Section (Lily, Daisy, and the east side of Primrose Lanes), a Tenant may park one non-commercial passenger vehicle (“car”) in front of his or her house, EXCEPT FROM OCTOBER – APRIL DURING THAT TIME NO ON STREET PARKING ALLOWED VEHICLES WILL BE TOWED AT OWNER EXPENSE WITH OUT NOTIFICATION. Making sure that you do not encroach upon your neighbor’s parking space. In the New Section (Rosewood, Astor, Lupine, and the West Side of Primrose Lanes), park your car in your driveway. No cars are to be parked on the streets in the New Section and you are held responsible to see to it that your guests do not park on the street, on lawn, and do not block traffic. Additional parking space is provided at the end of the Park and at the entrance to the Park. Management reserves the right to tow away all improperly parked cars, without notification, at owner’s expense, and the owner will remain responsible for any damage to the car. Vehicles that are not used on a regular basis by residents may not be stored or left on the premises, except by special permission and arrangement with the Management. Legal action will be taken to have any unregistered vehicle on the premises removed.

  3. No unlicensed person may drive in the Park. Vehicles lacking current licenses or registrations will be towed away without notification.

  4. No one, neither Tenants nor their visitors, is allowed to park on a lawn, main drives, seeded area or patio.

  5. Snowmobiles and motorcycles or 4 wheelers are not to be driven (operated) within Park limits.

  6. No commercial vehicles are allowed into the Park unless making a service call, except by special permission and arrangement with the Management.

  7. No unsightly vehicles are to be parked in the Park. Vehicles, which are badly rusted or damaged and remain so for thirty days after notice of such condition shall be considered unsightly and may be removed by Management at Tenant’s expense.

  8. All motor vehicle laws apply within Park.

  9. Pick-up truck campers shall not be removed from the truck and stored on the lot.

  10. If leaving a vehicle while away for vacation or a trip, pleases leave keys with a neighbor so that the car may be moved if necessary.

  11. Campers, motor homes, utility trailers, boats, snow mobiles, etc., are prohibited, and must not be stored or parked anywhere in the Park, with the exception of loading and unloading, except by special permission and arrangement with the Management. This loading and unloading period is not to exceed overnight.

Section F
Park Buildings and Property

  1. Children and minors must be kept out of all community buildings unless accompanied by an adult. Parents will be held responsible for any damage done by their children under the age of 18. Children are not permitted to play in the streets, on any construction areas or on maintenance equipment, or in other tenant’s driveways and lots. Children and young adults are required to be in their own homes or yard by dark or with their parents.

  2. Children and minors are the parents’ responsibility and they are not permitted to roam the Park without proper supervision, or to offend other people, or damage other people’s property. Quite time will be from 8:00pm to 7:00 am. No groups of young people will be allowed to congregate in FLORAL PARK.

  3. Proper supervision must be provided for children when both parents are at work.

  4. All Park facilities are for residents only.

  5. Snow removal on Park streets will be the responsibility of Management. Removal from driveways, patios, and walkways is each resident’s responsibility. RESIDENTS ARE NOT TO THROW SNOW from their driveways into the road. In the old section of the Park you are required to park your car in designated spots or in the over flow area from October to April, so that the snow can be plowed. (Also see item 2 of Section E.) If for any reason the Management has to move or tow a Tenant’s car to perform snow removal, the Tenant will remain responsible for any damage.

  6. The Management or True Enterprise LTD is not responsible for damage, injury, or loss by accident, fire or theft to resident’s property, or property of a resident’s guests. This will be considered full notification that you are using property and/or equipment at your own risk. Residents will be held liable for any and all damages caused by them and their guests, and residents assume all such responsibility. Tenant’s homes and vehicles are NOT covered by the Park’s insurance.

  7. True Enterprise LTD is requiring that all Home Owners carry Fire amd LIABILITY insurance.

  8. No soliciting will be allowed in the Park. Please notify the office of any solicitors.

  9. Tenants are required to keep light post lamps in the front of their homes turned on at night. The Management will provide low wattage replacement bulbs.

Section G
General Park Policies

  1. The Management reserves the right to evict tenants or visitors for violating any of these Rules and Regulations in accordance with the NY State Real Property Law. Complaints from neighbors about persistent, boisterous or offending conduct, excessive noise, or disturbing the peace is immediate grounds for eviction. You are responsible for your guests while they are visiting in the Park.

  2. Eviction proceedings pursuant to NY State Real Property Law and the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law will be commenced against a resident within three days after the resident’s receiving a written notice of delinquent payments. If legal proceedings are undertaken due to tenants default or violation of park rules, the legal fee and cost will be as additional rent. (page 1 Parag. 2) This late fee is deemed as Additional rent.

  3. A resident will be given 10 days to correct a violation of Park Rules and Regulations after receiving written notice. If he or she fails to correct the violation, he or she will be asked to vacate within 30 days following written notice. Accumulation of three notices of violation within any 12-month period shall be sufficient grounds for eviction.

  4. Any and all complaints to the Management must be submitted in writing and signed by the complainant.

  5. Management assumes no liability for damage done should utilities be turned off due to failure of the delivery system, activities of the utility company, or as needed for necessary repairs. Whenever possible, advanced notice will be given of any planned disruptions of a necessary service.

  6. All Tenants are required to sign an acknowledgment that they have received the Rules and Regulations and Fee Schedule.

  7. A lease of at least 1 year will be offered annually to every Tenant in good standing who owns his or her own home. It is the Tenant’s choice whether to sign a lease. Every Tenant offered a lease would be required to sign an acknowledgement stating that he or she was offered a lease. To be in good standing, a mobile home owner: (1) cannot be more than one month in arrears in rent; (2) must be in compliance with the terms of the lease, park rules and any laws affecting the safety and welfare of other residents; (3) cannot use the home for illegal activities.

  8. Any Bilco doors, steps to a basement, sump pumps, street lights, and all other items fixed to the ground or underground belong to the Park.

  9. Basements with water meters must be made accessible for reading meters and emergency water shut off when necessary.

  10. Enclosed patio rooms are not to be used as storage. Only porch furniture should be in the patio room.

  11. Management will be responsible for maintaining the original lot and the underground utilities. Repairs to individual mobile homes are not the responsibility of Management.

NOTE: In the event of any discrepancy between these rules and regulations and the rules and regulations provided to you by the park management, the latter shall take precedence and will be considered binding.




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